Sinker Pine

Sinker Pine, like sinker cypress, is a river recovered old growth wood that has been sunken in the river bottoms and has been retrieved for use in historic restorations, timber frame homes, and new construction.

Sinker Pine is often used as rough lumber, tongue & groove (T&G), trim, molding and beams.

Curly Sinker Pine

Curly sinker Pine is another rare grade of pine resulting from an abnormal growth, commonly called a burl, that forms on the tree. This burl causes the grain to grow “curly” and gives the lumber a beautiful grain pattern that never fails to catch the eye.

This characteristic is found only in one out of every 300 to 400 logs retrieved from the river.


Sinker Cypress - River Recovered Cypress

1" x 6" Tounge and Groove (T&G), V-joint

$4.50 per sqft

Sinker Heart Pine - River Recovered Pine

4/4" Random Width, Rough cut, Kiln Dried

$3.50 per sqft



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